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Question by Brian: anyone know a lender that does a SIVA program with a 660 fico?

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try gateway…you need 2yrs in same line of employment

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Question by Ms Penny Lane is In My Tree: How long do you have to wait before you can sell a home that you purchased with a FHA loan?
My husband and I recently purchased a home with an FHA loan. Although we enjoy the home, recipe it is not exactly what we were expecting, here we probably rushed into the decison a little faster than we should have. We are wanting to sell the home and go with our original plan. Is their a waiting period between buying and selling a home that you bought with a fha loan?

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Answer by Biggie @ Arbor Mortgage
There is no waiting period. There is no prepayment penalty if that is what you were thinking. I don’t know how long you have been in the home, check but it may be a little early trying to sell if you just purchased it no too long ago. Good luck trying to sell!

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The Massive House

Image by pdbreen
Cohasset, more about MA July 2009
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