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Posted on Sep 3, 2012 in Real Estate Info

Chicago Eminent Domain Update; "When" Not "If" for Buybacks; CFPB Servicing
Flagstar has issued additional guidance following its earlier announcement that any FHA Streamline refinances registered on or after July 6th where Flagstar wasn't the original loan's servicer would be subject to a requirement of a FICO score of at …
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Question by YEEH!: Mortgage???????????
I recently got a letter from my bank saying I owed them $ 199 from “late payments” on my mortgage. (you know how your mortgage is due and if you pay it late they tack on a charge) Well, dosage everytime my husband went to pay our mortgage even if it was late, store the bank teller never tacked on the charge. Anyways, they are saying their going to take us to collections for the amount due, does this mean their going to try and take our house? We have never missed a month on our mortgage, just a few times they didnt tack on the late charge…can anyone answer?
It’s was late a few times because our son was sick and we spent a ton of money going back and forth to st judes. But that wasn’t my question, will they try and take our house?

and we are making them on time now.

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Answer by perfect_picasso
try to pay early on your mortgage – why is it late?

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Some cool apartment constructing photos:

the monarch

Image by joey.parsons
the prime of the monarch apartment developing in downtown austin.

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Storm harm

Image by Sint Smeding
For the duration of a storm on Monday, viagra approved element of a temporary fence that was create on the roof of an apartment building for construction work fell down. No one got hurt, prostate but there are still planks hanging down from the best of the constructing and the region is nevertheless inaccessible.

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Image by w.marsh
The Commodore! Great prewar apartment building near my house. Recerntly converted to Condos. They do not make them like this anymore…

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