Underwater borrowing: Mortgage refinance plan picks up steam

Posted on Sep 2, 2012 in Unique Loan Programs

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Question by Robin G: Can somebody please help. What are the loan rates for mortgages in California?
I was told for an FHA loan it is 6.25%. Someone else tells me that it’s 7% for a conventional and FHA. Is the rate different the higher your FICO score is?
0 down, information pills FICO score 640, Debt $ 8900 car, $ 1000 credit cards, Excellent credit history, BK 2 years ago. Loan amount $ 245.
Excellent credit history since BK.

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Answer by tmh
go to bankrate.com.

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Underwater borrowing: Mortgage refinance system picks up steam
But right after losing a job, medical they don&#39t have the revenue to qualify for a new loan. Or their residence has lost so much value that they&#39re “underwater” … The Property Reasonably priced Refinance System — or HARP — has gotten reasonably small attention among the …
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