Waterfront Condominiums

Posted on Oct 17, 2011 in Real Estate News

by Sam Ili?

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A few nice condominium images I found:

Waterfront Condominiums
Image by local louisville
Photographed by Ian Bell This photograph the Waterfront Condominiums located at the corner of Witherspoon and Floyd Street. When looking at the overall architectural design, adiposity it has some structural similarities Ando Taado architectural. For example, the architect who built the Waterfront Condominiums uses geometric shapes like square-box structure as well as rectangular-box structure. Furthermore, the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts Building in St. Louis has almost the same style.

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Irving Station Condominiums
Image by Mr. T in DC
The Irving Station condominiums, a 16-unit building at 1361 Irving Street NW. The building dates to 1918. See this photo for what the building looked like in the 1920s.

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