Westpac ruined life in low- doc ‘fraud’

Posted on Aug 10, 2012 in Stated Income Loans

Question by Boatalot: We have a FHA Mortgage with 0 down. We have paid on our mortgage for 2 years. Can we refinance the FHA to low?
We’d like to refinance the FHA mortgage to a lower interest rate. Can we do this since we don’t have 20% of the 30 year mortgage paid down yet? Any tips we should know about?

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Answer by Vegas
Most banks now require 20% equity. Good luck finding one. It may be hard though.

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Westpac ruined life in low- doc ‘fraud’
At the grand age of 101 years, medical Heather Simmers lives with the consequences of a scheme to take older people unconventional “low-doc” loans over Australia’s second largest bank and buy a property development company which is not supported …
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banks defrauded home loan , order said request
Ms Brailey said international credit rating agency Fitch Ratings had estimated that eight to 10 per cent comprised low-doc loans and RMBS receive some $ 2 billion in fraudulent loans. … 0% on balance transfers for 8 months + no annual …
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