When to apply for an FHA mortgage loan?

Posted on Aug 16, 2012 in FHA Information

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No Doc Loans In The Post Housing Bubble Market

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Question by OCgal4ever: When to apply for an FHA mortgage loan?
I am half way to my 3.5% down, treat when can I apply for the loan? Do I have to have all of the 3.5%?

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Answer by Ryan M

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  1. yes all the 3.5% plus another 3% for closing costs.

  2. find a lender and start your paper work now. They may know af any other plans that may let you put down less. some times you can out closing coast in the loan or maybe even get the seller to pay them. If you are a first time buyer you can get a $ 8,000 tax credit. If you get it use it wisely pay down your loan or use it to set up an emergency fund