When using a FHA loan does my husband have to show my information in a California?

Posted on Aug 23, 2012 in FHA Information

Question by jiowda1: can a conventional mortgage be refinanced using the fha program?

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Answer by mycornerofbrickheaven
I don’t think so. FHA is for purchases only I believe but check with a loan officer who deals with the program.

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Question by Renee C: When using a FHA loan does my husband have to show my information in a California?
My husband wants to buy a house using FHA loan by himself do I need to show the mortgage company my credit and debts if he is not using my income?

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Answer by quickmls
No. Only the person whose name is on the loan needs to disclose their information. But you also will not be able to use your income to qualify, viagra approved so he’d have to qualify using only his earnings.

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