Where I can find the latest mortgage rate from bank?

Posted on Sep 19, 2012 in Unique Loan Programs

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Beach and Huge Residence

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Perched up on the cliff is the &quotBig Residence&quot where we had our workshop.

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Question by RAJAN s: How to refinance a HARP Loan?
My mortgage is underwater by 15%. I refinanced my mortgage (30yr conventional) from 6.5 to 5% through HARP loan process (Wells Fargo/ Freddie loan). I know that HARP loans cannot be refinanced under HARP.

Is there any new government program that lets me refinance to lower interest value? I pay my mortgage on time and cannot demonstrate hardship.

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Answer by STEVEN F
What you ‘know’ is FALSE. HARP was a SPEECH given by President Obama. There was NEVER an actual program. Each bank made up their own ‘rules’ to deal with people that THOUGHT there was an actual government program. There is a new SPEECH, approved but unless Congress passed something I missed, there STILL is not an actual program to begin with.

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loan no income
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Question by Jeffrey M: What is the best Personal Loan Income with no credit check?

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Answer by bigapple
Credit so something that is a value of your integrity to pay back. When you mess up and we all have done it in the past we have to straighten up what is wrong and correct it.

I had bad credit for ten years and then I boucned back alive and fresh and clean history and bought a house.
I will never go back to the way it was, rx but keep in mind that being financially responsible also means that you must look ahead for tomorrow and what it may bring and be prepared for anything that may arise.

I keep Health Insurance on me and my wife with 80% coverage and a suppliment policy to cover the 20%. health issues is the number one killer that will haunt you when you get sick or even need surgery and when you immaculate credit, more about hospital bill will be your #1 KILLER and put you in the poor house quick and it destroys your credit.

Be wise and always look ahead and expect the unexpected and this way I can assure that my savings in the bank will not be harmed and it’s there for the family not to pay pay huge hospital bills.

Get back on the horse guy and walk that straight line or your forever doomed with bad credit and a history that will always haunt you no matter where you go in life.
Good Luck!

I speak to you from personal experience that nearly crushed me to death and lost my business I had to sale because I wasn’t mature enough at that time to see it coming.
Now I have learned and spread my word to you. Be very careful how you choose to live with credit. Make sure you have all your bases covered to protect you and your family if your married or ever willbe in the future./

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Question by : Where I can find the latest mortgage rate from bank?
Hello all, sick

I am looking for a website that can tell me the current mortgage rate or mortgage rate trend.

Today, this site I have called several brokers all of them told me that today’s rate is highest in recent days. So I would like to find this info myself.

thank you

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Answer by My Take on It

Seems the brokers weren’t pulling your leg.

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  1. Google three banks you know followed by the words mortgage rates.
    Ex: Try Bank of America, Wells Fargo, ING
    Also try other bank website in your area – they post them

    Go to bankrate.com and click on mortgage rates and find lenders in your area along with the rates.

  2. http://www.bankrate.com and also check out BoA, Wells & Coldwell Banker. It also depends on your area but some of the local banks are also giving competitive rates.

    You also have to consider what TYPE of loan you’re getting (whether it’s jumbo, non-conforming, ARM, fixed, etc). hope this helps.

  3. go to Yahoo finance and look up the yield on the 10 year. When the yield goes up the rate goes up and vice versa….

    This is the best indicator of market direction for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. Understand that there is no such thing as “today’s rate”.

    Large institutional lenders actually hire outside consulting companies to see where they are verses the competition. Cost or funds vary from lender to lender and they are passed onto you.

    Add to that loan level adjustments (cost that is added for risk profile) and it’s nearly impossible to compare one lender verses another without going through a complete credit application.

    Yes, prices went up today. Look at the graph over time though. Rates are still incredibly low.