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federal home mortgage
by Center for American Progress

Question by Kyle: Federal Interest rate vs. Home Mortgage Rates?
So when the rate is cut how long does it take to reflect the cut for home mortgage rates? I’m thinking about buying a house and I just heard the federal interest rate is being cut to 1% (historic low). When will home mortgage rates reflect this cut? How low on average in % will they go (if its possible to know)?

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Answer by Tomas
When they say the feds cut the rate they are not talking about home loan rates. They mean short term loans like cars loans, prescription ed credit cards and such. The mortgage loans are based off of the 30 year treasury bond.. which is why you don’t necessarily see those rates come down when the fed ‘cuts’ the rate.
hope this helps.

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Question by Jake: Does FHA mortgage insurance make payments if I lose my job?
My brother-in-law lost his job a few months ago and he said his mortgage insurance paid his mortgage and gave him some extra money until he got a new job.
I have an FHA loan and I want to know if I can do the same thing.
If I can, view who do I talk to about it?
If not, is there anything else I can do until I get a job?

p.s. I have already filed for unemployment.

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Answer by dusty_titus
FHA doesn’t provide this special insurance for paying mortgage when you lose your job, or suffer an accident. This kind of Insurance must be purchased in advance of any misfortune, and is always the option of any homeowner.

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stated income home loans
by eyewashdesign: A. Golden

Question by mmcpo29: More details no doc/stated home income loan?
Here are some more details, visit this site my husband and I work for the gov and we have being in the same job for 12 yrs, order child support is only $ 450 that comes out straight from his check before they pay him is deducted and send to Child support Services so we never see that money. We make close to $ 10, pilule 000 gross monthly.
I know rates are higher for stated loan/no doc.
Understand that I’m not bragging about our credit or income I just trying to understand why he is trying to use this type of loan.
Thanks for all your answers

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Check out these castle photos:

Kenmure Castle – in all its glory!
Image by arjayempee
It really is nay bonnie!

Even though the creating is not a quite sight, viagra sale it is at least intriguing to evaluate what there is to see right now, with the various engravings that have been made of it over the final two hundred years.

With out a doubt, the oldest surviving component of the castle is the part of the west wing (on the right) that is supported by buttresses. As will be observed, this component of the ground floor still includes vaulting, and can for that reason be assumed to be late 16th century.

We know that the tower on the appropriate, the north-west tower, was there as far back as 1790, simply because it appears in Francis Grose’ engraving – despite the fact that the small extension to the right of it is much more modern day.

In my opinion, the whole south wing was rebuilt in the late 19th century. One description of the castle states that the whole ground-floor was vaulted – which the south wing no longer is, so the entire issue must have been pulled down and rebuilt. This is further supported by the apparent differences amongst the south-west tower we see today and old views of it

As effectively as the modest extension to the appropriate, what was a window in 1890, in the ground-floor level of the stair-tower, has been converted to a door, and the old door in the south-wing, has been converted into a window!

So in summary, the Lords of Galloway had a castle here, nothing of which remains. The Gordons (more on them later) have to have rebuilt the castle but it was destroyed during the time of Mary Queen of Scots and destroyed once again for the duration of the time of Oliver Cromwell, leaving it in the semi-ruinous situation it was drawn in by Francis Grose in 1790. During the 19th century most of the castle was demolished and rebuilt, and during the 20th century, a handful of additional additions and alterations were produced, to convert it into a hotel.

I do not know why it now stands empty.

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  1. Looks like it could house a few ghosts…

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