If I quit my job, would I qualify for Obama’s Making Home Affordable mortgage refinancing program?

Posted on Oct 18, 2012 in HARP Refinance

stated income loans
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Question by International: Stated income loans to people with good credit are essential for a recovery – can you push banks to start?
For the economy to recover banks must start lending to people with good credit who are willing to sacrifice a larger portion of their income for their mortgage. The old income to loan ratios dont work and people with great credit history will not default. What is essential is a higher down payment not tax returns! Stated income and low-doc loans have to come back and when they do the economy will bounce back instantly.

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Answer by Ryan M
Stated income loans helped create the housing bubble to begin with. Those people who are willing to sacrifice a higher percentage of their income are a HUGE risk to the lender.

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home loan affordable program
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Question by RAJAN s: Making home affordable loan program?
My loan is owned by Freddie Mac. Like most people my house value is less that what I owe. But the above program lets me refiance. I called my bank and checked. But they told me that since my loan is owned by Freddie Mac I can only refiance with them and cannot shop for loan from other banks. Is this true? I heard that this condition does not apply to Fannie Mae owned loans. Wierd.
Thanks, cheapest I did mention that I meet the criteria per makinghomeaffordable.gov. But my current back say that I can only refinance through them as my loan is owned by freddie mac. If it was fannie mae owned loan then I could seek other banks for loan. Is this true is my question.

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Answer by Pandas4me
go to makinghomesaffordable.gov and see if you are eligible for the program, pilule there are some guidelines you must meet.

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Question by gypsyecsa: What income are they looking for for the “making home affordable” program.?
I want to refinance, sildenafil not modify. Do they want to see that I make alot of money or a little? I know to refinance you must show you make a decent amount of money. They are asking for my bill totals and income, look does anyone know the ratio or what they are looking for?

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Answer by Gaytheist Buddha
Rule of thumb is that you can afford a house that is 3 to 3-1/2 times your gross annual income.

Rule of thumb #2: Your mortgage payment (principle, viagra interest, property taxes, and insurance) should not exceed 28 to 33% of your gross monthly income. If you have no other debts (no car loans and you don’t carry a revolving balance on your credit cards) you may have slightly higher limits. Your total debt load (mortgage plus auto and other minimum debt payments) may not exceed 38 to 43% of your gross monthly income.

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Question by schecm: companies that do no/low-doc mortgage loans?
trying to find companies that will do unconventional mortgages for individuals or corps. LTV can be as good as 60% on a loan no larger than 400K total.

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Answer by bron357
Given the credit problems everywhere, price no one does “no doc” or “low doc” loans anymore. They want great credit score, cheap proof of employment /income for 2 years and evidence of other assets plus you fronting up with a hefty size deposit. You can shop around, but success is doubtful unless you can meet the now, very strict and inflexible, lending criteria.

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Question by ozzydc1: If I quit my job, healing would I qualify for Obama’s Making Home Affordable mortgage refinancing program?
If I quit my job, would I be able to qualify for the program since I would have less than 31% of my monthly income and be unable to pay for my monthly mortgage paymentgs? The program is unclear on what a hardship is, and if you have to be laid off or fired. What prevents people from just quitting their job to qualify for the program, then get another one once they are accepted and put on the plan?
Note – This is what I’m trying to confirm if its true or not “Plus, if you quit your job, your lender isn’t going to modify your loan because your hardship is your own fault”

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Answer by spalmer
No you shouldn’t quit because no one is guaranteed to qualify for this program. It is completely up to your lender if they want to modify your loan, there is no law that they must modify your loan. Plus, if you quit your job, your lender isn’t going to modify your loan because your hardship is your own fault.

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  1. Trust not the one who lies.

  2. of course you cannot quit. See every lender will get a verification of employment form done as a matter of business. When it shows a voluntary separation then you have NO SHOT at all

  3. That is not at all how the program works, you can not quit then qualify, nor could you quit, qualify for the trial (yes it’s trial only, then if all goes well for 6-12 months it’s permenant) but you couldn’t get another job then suddenly be ok because your modification is based on your income, more income = less of a modification or no modification at all..
    In fact, there was a story published 2 days ago that the program is failing and often costing families MORE money. They struggle to meet the requirements, they’ll pay on time by dipping into their savings only to find themselves out of their savings and out of their home because they failed to meet their trial period guidelines, in other words, they go broke before the trial period is up… So what’s happening is instead of these families just letting their homes go, they’re struggling to stay afloat only to be foreclosed on anyway after using up all their savings to pay their mortgage. So now not only are they out a home, but also out money they could’ve used to put towards a new place to live or debts or attempted to keep their homes w/o using that very strict program..