what do you tik of the online no credit check loans? have you done this?

Posted on Oct 21, 2012 in Stated Income Loans

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Question by dgoldenboy67: what is the income and credit requirement for a VA home loan of 0, this 000. ?
I had filed for chapter 13 in 07 for medical reasons, seek but the case was dismissed. Where doI go from here. My credit score is only now 550. My income is $ 80, erectile 000.

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Answer by Sofa King
You need to make about 160,000 a year to afford a $ 350,000 loan.

[edit] You’d also need 87,500 (20%) down + closing costs, etc.

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Question by Sherry: If you refinance your home into FHA loan and have 20% equity do you still need monthly mortgage insurance?

With 30 year FHA loans the monthly MI is in place for the life of the loan.

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After finding the governmentrefinanceassistance.com web site I ask this question of refinancing into an FHA loan with LTV being less than 80% would monthly mortgage insurance still be required and the answer is (yes with a 30 year loan) I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it from a government web site! Any thoughts?
Thanks, Sherry
The reason we went FHA is the processor told me her scores were to low to do conventional cash out refinance.

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Answer by Lee N
Typically, treat no. PMI usually is not required if you have equity at 20% or higher. The problem is that right now the value of your home may not be what you think it is. Lenders and appraisers are being a lot more conservative. Good luck to you.

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no credit check loans

Question by MIZ THANG: what do you tik of the online no credit check loans? have you done this?
if you have, viagra what were the terms and who did you go through? i am considering this option but dont know if its safe. i have the income to repay the loan, order i just want to know the experiences with this type of loan….thank you.

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Answer by Gary E
If you have the credit history and income to qualify for a loan, order then the best place to get one is a Credit Union or Bank in that order. And once you have setup an account with them, most will provide online access to loan status information and to the loan application process.

If you start with an online “no credit check outfit you are working with a liar right from the beginning. They do check your credit – unless they are not ever going to give you a loan because their scam is to get you to pay a loan application fee or advance interest before you have received any loan proceeds and then never give you the loan.

Unless you personally know someone (face to face – Internet “knowing” doesn’t count) who has had a good experience with a particular online site stay away from them and use a Credit Union or Bank – you know where to find them.

Incidentaly, if you complete an application for a loan or credit card that says it has been preapproved, your credit history will still be checked after the application is received and your application will be handled the same as an unsolicitated application.

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